Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Banana bread with chocolate chips

I was at Costco and saw they had chicken jerky dog treats, so I called Beeb to see if she wanted me to get some for Lannie and Leo. "Yes! I just ran out!" She wanted some bananas, too, but then opted against them because the Costco bunches are so big. The bananas go bad before she can eat them all.

I got some for myself, anyway. I don't have a problem with bananas going bad.

A good recipe is here.


  1. Banana + chocolate chips = yum. I also like to put chocolate chips in pumpkin bread... (Although it's still a little early for pumpkin bread.)

  2. Never too early for pumpkin bread! Chocolate chips make everything better.

  3. Oh my it does look very good..I've made banana and choc-chip muffins before..will have to try your version chooks have finally decided to lay again after a 3 month break! :D