Monday, September 01, 2008

They just won't quit bugging me

This is some kind of shield bug (I think), also known as a stink bug. He turned up on some sage I picked for roasting tomatoes. I didn't disturb him enough to make him stink, but took him outside and shook him off. If he is indeed a shield bug, he's not particularly bad for the garden, so that's OK.

Oh, and supposedly shield bugs are also edible. Should I have put him in the oven?

Let me know if I'm wrong on my ID! (You can click on the picture to see him bigger.)


  1. Oh you're very lucky! I hear they are quite tasty with a litte salt and a soy and brown sugar dipping sauce. Dig in!

  2. it is a "stink bug" and here is a paper on it's edible-ness.

  3. I'd like to hear more about the roasting of the tomatoes with sage.

    I have stink bugs or shield bugs in my Maryland yard but they are greyish brown, not green. And they don't stink much.

  4. There is just too much other delicious food out there for me to consider eating anything that is called a stink bug!

  5. Summer, I should have saved him for you!

    Thanks, mimi! That's fascinating. But I'm not prepared to eat several hundred to get my daily protein ration.

    Pam, you just core and seed tomatoes, lay them in a pan and drizzle with olive oil, and toss in a bunch of herbs. Roast at 225 for several hours, turning once. It really concentrates the flavor. The skins peel off easily when they're done.

    Dana, I agree! Though silkworms aren't bad ...