Thursday, September 18, 2008

The tomatillos that ate Denver

Poor Susan. She gave me a couple of tomatillo plants at the beginning of the season that she nurtured from seeds. She tells me hers are still single stalks, just knee-high. Mine, though, have become sprawling monsters. In the picture above, the entire foreground is tomatillo, with tomatoes on trellises behind them to the right. That's just two plants there. I have harvested maybe 20 fruits so far, but many more are on the way, should the frost hold off long enough.

The bees are doing their part. Bee, flower, fruit.
Unfortunately, they've also completely shaded the three acorn squash vines I planted. There's just one small squash, struggling to ripen. I'll have to make it the centerpiece of a meal so its efforts aren't in vain.
Susan's efforts to sprout the tomatillo seedlings weren't in vain, at least. I saved up a nice bag of fruits for her to make salsa with.

P.S. I was thinking that the bean picture in my previous update didn't really capture how very tiny they are, so I took another photo, with my fingers for comparison.
Grow, beans, grow!


  1. Those beans are....teensy. They look like something that could be packaged and sold for $50 an ounce at some high end grocery store. "Not just baby beans! Preemie beans!!"

  2. What the heck do you use for fertilizer? Your garden is amazing. Everything sprawls and tries to take over like plant tyrants.

  3. Preemie beans! That's a hoot.

    Betts, no fertilizer at all! But this garden space has lain fallow for I don't know how many years. The soil is higher than the rest of the yard, so who ever created the vegetable garden originally may have brought in some really good soil.

    Also, it's got a great southern exposure but is shaded at late in the afternoon when it's hottest out. Tomatoes and tomatillos love the sun!