Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sale spin

If you wondered where those business-promoting sign-spinners get their start, look no further than the neighborhood yard sale.

Grandma was holding the sale, which consisted mainly of about 200 souvenir ashtrays. I didn't take a photo, and now I regret it.

My Mac is back, as you can see. As I can, too. It had a bad cable that was causing the backlight to go out randomly so I couldn't see the screen. The enterprising Apple genius fixed it himself instead of sending it off for a week. "It was scary!" he said.

I'm glad he was brave.


  1. I've heard the old casino ash trays are worth a bit on ebay! Better go get some ;O)

  2. Heh. I checked, Julie. Most of them sell for under $5, unless they're rare and absolutely mint. These were not.

  3. I also have a ceramic top and hate it. Ended up buying an electric wok, I missed stir-fry so much. (Now I've only used it like twice!)

    I'm drooling over these Vikings!!

  4. Me too, JGH! If I didn't have the option of piping in gas, I would've considered an electric wok, too.