Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to Havana

Made it back to Havana restaurant in Alameda this trip to see if they'd ironed out some of the wrinkles we experienced last time. I don't know if they have resolved the server problems in the bar area, as we were seated immediately (it was still early-ish).

I do love the giant photos they have on their walls. The decor and seating are otherwise fairly spartan, with banquettes along the walls and two rows of tables.

They have an extensive mojito list, a big plus for me. I had the mojito de colada: Bacardi "Coco," mint, sugar, pineapple juice, splash of soda.

We started with the garlic boniato fries that we enjoyed so much last time. Boniato is a kind of sweet potato. This batch was super-garlicky and good, and I love that chimichurri sauce. (Kevin at Closet Cooking made some to go with steak; I'll have to try his recipe. I wonder if I can find boniato here.)
The Sergeant got the ropa vieja or "old clothes," which is shredded beef, onions, peppers and tomato with sofrito rice and black beans.
While I enjoyed the garlic-studded pork tenderloin with Mojo sauce, boniato mash and black beans.

(I asked the server if I should get the pork or the marinated steak over rice and beans with grilled pineapple. He thought for a minute and said, "You're having the pork. They're both good, so I'm just making an executive decision." Fine with me!)
The food was quite tasty, and very filling. I do wish, though, that they could change up their menu a little for summer. All the entrees are so heavy and hearty for a day that topped 100 degrees. I could have gotten a salad, I guess, or some ceviche, so it's not really their fault I couldn't clean my plate. I'll know better next time, or just go in the winter.

Havana restaurant
1518 Park Street
Alameda CA 94501


  1. That is a lot of tasty looking food. I like the sound of those garlic boniato fries with the chimichurri sauce.

  2. Havana sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Next time I'm in the bay area I might have to make a special trip.

  3. that looks amazing. now youre in my neck of the woods...i might have to check that place out!

  4. Kevin, you're already halfway there!

    Sara, it's got great mojitos. I don't know if I'd make a special trip, since the city has so many great restaurants of its own. But if you find yourself in Alameda anyway.

    Tanya Kristine, you could go to the antique fair (first Sunday of the month) and then swing by Havana for a drink.

  5. so so so sad.. this made me.... I read it - not realizing you were in CA - hoping - just hoping that you were in CO.....[cn]

  6. Hi! If you're in Colorado, Cuba Cuba in Denver is much better in my opinion. Fabulous mojitos and food, and they have a patio.