Friday, June 13, 2008

I'll eat that

I have peas! The first ones are maybe a couple of days from eating size. I planted them late, but happily we keep getting cool, rainy days mixed in with the hot. I'll plant more in the fall.
I bought some Rancho Gordo Cellini beans at the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmers Market. I'll cook up most of them, but I thought I'd see if some would sprout, too.
The tomatillos I got from my friend Susan are blooming. I love them in salsa.
And I can start putting some arugula in my salads. If I don't eat it all straight from the garden like Alecto.
The chard also went in late, but is ready for sauteeing now. I planted "Bright Lights," so there's red ...
And yellow. (Also some green.)
Not for eating, but for admiring, a graciously donated iris still in its pot. I have to find a good place to plant it.
And also not for eating, but sweet to see: a downy woodpecker mama who has a nest in this tree. I heard the babies squawking when I walked by and stopped to investigate. Mama flew up and wasn't too happy with my interest, so I just took a quick pic and moved on. (I had to crop way in so you could see her.)
Garden babies and bird babies ... it's all good!


  1. My pea plant died, I'm sad. And I'm jealous of your garden. :-)

  2. Aw. Poor pea plant. But they do die off after they produce. Did you get any peas?

  3. About 4 pods. :-(
    I remember my mom's peas growing to astronomical heights, but this one never cleared 6".
    Maybe that's what I get for buying Home Depot peas...

  4. everything looks so nice...I would have trouble waiting for enough peas since I would nibble every one I found....