Sunday, June 08, 2008

Flowers in my garden

Bachelor buttons:
California poppies:
Pink ice plant:
And yellow:
Tea rose:
Violets (weeds, really, but I like 'em):
Roses in bud:
And in bloom:
And a couple of mysteries. What's this? Anyone know?
And this ... some kind of thistle-y thing, but pretty, like sea holly.


  1. The last one looks like an eryngium of one sort or another.

  2. Thanks! Same family as sea holly, then. It's quite vigorous. And prickly.

  3. The violets are often called Johnny Jump ups and will volunteer for a couple of years in a confined space but then move on. I love them, plant them by seed but they never show up where I think they'll be.

  4. The penultimate one looks to me like borage. It self seeds prolifically but is easy to control. If it is borage the flowers (and hairy leaves) taste much like cucumber.

  5. Johnny Jump-Ups! Yep, they're definitely in a confined space, between the flagstones on the patio. I'll be interested to see if they stick around.

    Thanks, Barry! It could be borage, but I think the leaf is wrong. I'll have a better idea once the buds bloom.

  6. Such pretty blooms..nothing in flower here..winter at work.
    The second last one looks like a sage in the flower head, not sure about the leaves though.. and the violets, I know as 'Heartsease' and they are considered a herb..we eat them in salads :)

  7. I love violets, and don't think of them as weeds at all.

    Now, bindweed, with its morning-glory type flowers, is terrible. It's a terrible, terrible weed. It might do me in one day.

  8. Gina, I'll have to give them a taste!

    Groovy, bindweed is the bane of my garden. My old place didn't have it at all.