Saturday, June 14, 2008

River walk

Sophie and I went to the riverside park downtown this morning. I wish this picture had been in focus! Sophie loves the water.We went down to check out a little eco-friendly lawn event and to say hi to Susan, who blogs for The Denver Post and writes for the gardening section. The event was supposed to run from 10 to 2, but when we got there at 10:30, they were already midway through their raffle of cordless mowers, hedge trimmers and chainsaw. Darn! I could use any one of those things.

Sophie was less impressed. "You'll never mow all this with that!"
I thought I was parking close by, but the event was really about a quarter of a mile away, in a very obscure part of the park. (The event would have been much more effective and well-attended if they'd held it at a farmers market.)

Happily Sophie and I had the river to walk along and dip our feet into. On the way back to the car we met this cute couple. I offered to take their picture and email it to them.

It's supposed to hit 90 today. Stay cool!


  1. hello!
    thank you for your nice comments on my blog. I love your house:)

  2. Hi Cecilia! Thanks! Your art is really pretty.

  3. Oh Sophie you love the water like Sierra! Dante hates water and would never think of enjoying it like you!
    So glad to know that you're getting some nice warm weather!

  4. Aw...Too bad Kody was such a prick they could swim together...

  5. That's a good shot of Sophie. Now does she like baths?

  6. Sophie wouldn't cotton to a pool like Kody does, though!

    Sudie, she hates baths. Baths are treachery.