Friday, June 13, 2008

Finally farmers market!

I don't know why I didn't post these pictures right away. I certainly was eager for my neighborhood farmers market to begin for the season. I don't know why they wait so long! (Oh, maybe snow in May has something to do with it.)
The market is just a block long, and if you get there early, you can avoid the crowds.
My first stop was at Amy the Soap Crone's booth. Amy make great soap! I don't use any other kind now. I really like the shampoo bars. If you travel, they're especially convenient, not being liquid. Go to her site and order some!
My next stop is the Hmong farmers' stand. I love their variety of greens. I miss this stand all winter, when I have to drive across town to the Asian markets to get my yu choi fix.
I also am happy to see the pasta people. They have all kinds of fun shapes and flavors you can try in small amounts.
It's early in the season yet, so I have to assume this is greenhouse produce. But I love to see the bright colors!
Other booths sell bread, herbs, flowers, goosedown pillows, handicrafts, jelly, handmade baskets, beef, prepared foods, you name it. I succumbed to the lure of a pulled pork sandwich from Big Kahuna Barbecue.

And here's the rest of my haul.
Mmmmm-mmmm good!


  1. Yeah!!!! You're farmers market is open! Wow! you even have a Hmong farmers stand! That's pretty cool.
    We haven't seen a Hmong farmer in a long time. Is there a large Hmong community where you are?

  2. Looks like a wonderful market! Love your photos, as usual.

  3. Our markets are open, but I haven't gone yet--I'm in a CSA which hasn't started because of the long winter, so I'm figuring the rest of the market is behind too. Maybe next weekend. My market has duck eggs. Mmm. Duck eggs.

  4. Hi! Thanks for your comment the other day.

    I'm jealous of your farmers market! I would go crazy over the pasta people stand...

    P.S. I love your blog and photography. :)

  5. I went to the Colorado Springs Farm & Art Market on Wednesday... only one produce stand. It was dreadful! I, too, love the pasta people and wish we had that available. Say, didn't we "meet" through Amy at the NaBloWriMo challenge?

    Hey, I'm still looking for farmers market chiefs to join Localvores of Colorado.

    And growers. And foodies. :)

  6. oh my gosh, what's Dragonfly Jelly Cherry Wine? whatever it is, I want it.

  7. Thanks, everyone! It's exciting to have this little weekly bit of food excitememt.

    There is a small Hmong community here, Diane, enough that there are a couple of Hmong churches. But not as many as in Wisconsin.

    Dani, I met Amy through Manisha at Indian Food Rocks, and Manisha nudged me to NaBloPoMo. Good luck with your group! I don't do email groups except one gardening listserv. Too much stuff in my inbox already.

    Vicki, Dragonfly Jelly is made by a woman at the market who does all kinds of wine-flavored jellies. Tasty stuff!

  8. nice haul.....I bet that one block gets mighty packed...

  9. Vicki,
    Dragonfly Jelly can be purchased on line:

    Liz & Trudy, Owners

  10. Kitt,

    Thanks for plugging me! :)

    That jelly is divine. The woman who sells it, Trudy, is also lovely. I traded with her last week for some Pink Champagne jelly. Heaven!

    NaBloWriMo is the October challenge that I host every year. Yes, that's me!

    Yay, farmer's markets! Pearl Street is the best--and I've been to quite a few around here.

  11. Kitt

    Kind words about my "baby" (wine jelly)are always appreciated.

    I love your pictures and this is absolutely the best Market I have ever seen. Amy was my first contact and I would keep coming back if only to trade chat with her. This is a small, close knit community and I feel a part of it after only 2 weeks.

    Thank you, and stop and chat on Sunday.


  12. Hi Trudy! So glad you like the market. Amy insisted I check out your jelly. Good stuff! Are you also the Trudy of ltmercantile? Thanks for the link for those who can't make it to the market.

    Amy, always happy to pitch your soap. I love it.

    db, yep! Everyone and their dog. Literally.

  13. Kitt:

    Yes, Trudy is with ltmercantile.
    Glad you liked the jelly.

  14. Kitt, you have been bewitched!

    Hi Amy! You look great! I love your soaps!!

    And Louisville has a farmers market now, too! Haven't been able to go yet as we've been away. This Saturday is the official grand opening but I think I will miss it again as I have to drive some neighbors to the airport. Darn!

  15. Wo u lucky girl.. Always blessed to have a farmers market like that!!