Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stop! Thief! (Plus another surprise)

I heard a rustling in the
birch tree: a squirrel with
something in its mouth.
One of Sophie's bones!
By the time I grabbed my
camera, he was making
his escape over the fence
and across the street.
Now I know why I haven't had so many to pick up.

So I'm standing out at the corner in my PJs, and I hear a familiar sound.
That is not dust on my lens. Click the photo to make it larger.

And this one:
Notice the "not dust" on the right, in front of the house. You can guess what that arrow is pointing to.
Yes, I now have bees for sure. This was not a beginning swarm, but one that came from somewhere else. I was all excited to think I could get this one captured, too, but within 20 minutes, most of the bees had disappeared inside the tree.

Dang. That's going to be problematic for the tree trimmers. The guy I usually use climbs the tree by himself, but this may call for a cherry picker so no workers of either species get hurt.

That's swarm No. 5 for me! To see the others, click here


  1. Speechless. You know you need to just give up and buy the bee suit, right?

  2. If you had a few clones scattered about the country, the bee crisis would be HISTORY.

  3. So it would appear! Now I'm walking around the neighborhood looking at all the big old trees. I figure there's probably a hive in every one.

  4. Holy cow! People are going to start coming to you for bees!

    Silly squirrel! Just the last couple of years it seems like the ground squirrel population here has blown up! The other day there was a fat one running down the road and went into a hole in my brother's yard. He's not too happy about that lol. And they chase his chihuahua! lol