Thursday, June 19, 2008


The last few days we have had groups of Blackhawks and smaller choppers circling the city, low and loud. They hover over the convention center and Civic Center park. Men in uniform hang out the doors, peering down. It's a little unnerving.

They're practicing for the Democratic National Convention.

Good times ahead, I tell you. Good times.


  1. Yeah, the Republican convention four years ago was held right down the street from my office. That part of midtown emptied right out -- it was like a ghost town all week. Businesses just closed their doors and took a vacation. It was the most unexpected response, although I guess not if you think about it. Made it hard to get a decent sandwich, though.

  2. I was wondering if that's what was going on. They are loud!

  3. I live about 120 miles East of Denver and we had military helicopters fly over today.... now THAT's really un-nerving. We are not in a flight zone, and about the only planes we see are cropdusters. So, I had to check the news to make sure there wasn't another disaster somewhere. So that's it... a political convention.

  4. They've been buzzing my apartment complex, even after dark. I thought it was some sort of ride for tourists.

    Good thing I resisted the urge to pelt them with something...

  5. The convention is not until August, but everyone's getting geared up, I guess.

    A little reminder how nice it is we don't live in a police state.