Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting growed

You may remember the wee bean sprout of two weeks ago. While unlikely to reach the proportions of Jack's ladder to the clouds, it and its siblings are no less magical to me.

Especially since they came from a bag of beans meant for eating, not planting.
The daisies in front are blooming. They have powdery mildew, alas (which surprisingly thrives in low humidity). I will spray them with some baking soda in water.
I need to deadhead the roses, too. I only had one rose at my old place, planted in the last year; I like them but they intimidate me. These seem to be thriving, though.
The echinacea sure is pretty, even before it blooms.
The sea-holly-like plant on June 8 looked pretty when it was all green, but looks even nicer when the blooms turn blue. This is some kind of eryngium, as Karen pointed out. Sea holly is in the same family, and that may even be what this is, despite its landlocked location.
It's quite thistly and bristly, so best planted where you won't need to reach around it or brush past it. It's quite vigorous, too, very bushy and about 4 feet tall. I like that it's so unusual!

What's blooming in your garden?


  1. We feel the same way about what's climbing up our bean poles right now. Most of those plants came from beans purchased to eat and we have forgotten which are which and suspect we'll be pleasantly surprised at harvest time.

    Roses intimidate me too. I've been planting them for years but nothing I do seems to make any difference. They either thrive or they do not.

  2. Larkspur, roses, larkspur, coreopsis, larkspur, daisies, larkspur, catmint, larkspur, clary sage.... did I say larkspur? A bumpercrop, which is a lot since it's essentially an invasive weed out here.

    You have to be brutal with roses and prune them without heart. Then they'll thrive.

    I have brazillions of grasshoppers and none of them will die. And so, not much left in the vegetable department.:(

  3. db, enlighen me? You've got a garden; I've seen it!

    Dani, sorry about the hoppers. I have flea beatles, if it's any consolation. Larkspur's pretty, at least!

    Alecto, glad to know I'm not alone ...

  4. Lots of veggies but never enough flowers just lavender, roses and borage at the moment

  5. beans from the same source as your beans, popcorn from orville reddenbacher and sunflowers...

  6. Breezy, I'll bet you have fabulous lavender! I do need to plant some here.

    db, I'll be interested to see how your corn turns out.