Monday, June 30, 2008

Poodle meetup

We had a poodle meetup today at the Rocky Mountain Agility Center in Arvada. Really nice facility! There were, I dunno, maybe 25 poodles there? Anyway, they had a good time!
Sophie says, "I was just guarding the food! Really!"
Handing out treats.
Did someone say "treats"??? (That's Sophie on the left.)
Sophie liked the puppy.
She slept well afterward. No need for walk tonight.


  1. Black poodles, everywhere! Looks like heaven.

  2. I forget how little my poodle is until I see standard poodles. The party looked like a lot of fun.

  3. My standard poodle jealousy is about to make my head explode. But is that a black pig in the background of a couple of those pics?

  4. The dogs sure thought it was heaven, mbp!

    Hi Lezette, thanks for stopping by! Is yours a mini? Hard to tell with just a ferret for comparison. That video is too cute!

    dg, you mean in the treat photos? That was just a rather tubby poodle with a shaved tail.

  5. Yeah, my poodle is a mini. All of the poodles in this blog are huge compared to mine. I wonder if the standard poodles have the same type of personality attributes and spoiled attitude as mini poodles.

  6. One poodle is elegant, but a herd of them is magnificent! If I ever had a dog in the family, a standard poodle would be it, no question about it. Eons ago, I took care of a poodle named Clyde who was the coolest animal on four feet - he stole my heart.

  7. And you know what? I looked **good** walking a poodle; much better than I look without one.;)

  8. Wow... really, poodle heaven! It looks like so much fun!

  9. Poodles rock!

    Lezette, no, the standards have more of a big dog personality and athleticism, which a lot of people don't realize. Hence the misplaced and regrettable mania for labradoodles.

    Dani, they do make good accessories :-)

  10. Kittbo, I like your blog!
    -Tracy Out West (from Flickr and the Standard Poodle Meetup Club)