Saturday, June 07, 2008

Floral support

So here's what things looked like by my back door in March.
Shortly after that was taken, the fence came down. Today I finally got my old rickety trellis up where I wanted it, as a sort of gateway to the side yard. I'll expand the flagstones to make a walkway beneath it. That entailed moving a bunch of plants out of the way. I hope they survive!
It also will provide much-needed support for a lovely clematis that had overwhelmed its little iron obelisk. Trellis netting gives it something to grab onto. I'm not sure if this is a clem that can/should be cut back in the fall. But I think I will have to to get the obelisk out.
Nice clem! They don't like to be transplanted, so I was glad to help it out.
In the front yard, the honeysuckle has a similar problem. I'll get some short fence posts and drive them in to brace the trellis.
The blossoms are so intriguing. And the hummingbirds love them. My old garden never got hummers, and I don't know why, but I saw one checking this honeysuckle out last summer, so I hope I get more.


  1. Isn't it spectacular? I may plant some elsewhere, too. I'll have to see how easy it is to propagate using the one I have.