Monday, June 30, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 10

"Cook up to seven eggs exactly how you like them. Vari-Cook(tm) technology allows eggs within the same batch to be cooked differently – soft, medium or hard-boiled."

Who is this made for? The Waltons? The Dionnes? The Bradfords? The Camdens? There's a fertility joke in here somewhere ...

(Edit: But wait! There's more! From the company website: "The unit also features a unique poaching tray with 3 joined elliptical shaped cups; a tribute to Julia Child, who preferred a similarly shaped holder when poaching eggs."

Which begs the question: WWJD?)


  1. haha! We got an egg cooker (not as fancy as that one) from one of my wacky in-laws as a wedding gift. My husband took it back to the store right away.

  2. Okay, this is one gadget I don't think is silly at ALL. I am super finicky about how my eggs are cooked but I am also really distractible and they inevitably come out overcooked. My family members (5 of us) like our eggs cooked differently. I wouldn't buy this, but if someone gave us one, I wouldn't give it back!

  3. Guess I can add the Itos to the list! Yes, I can see it might be handy for a large family that eats a lot of eggs. But it's a lot of gadget for a single task.

    Sara, what did you get instead?

  4. What Would Julia Do? She'd say: *affects Julia's distinctive voice*
    Phooey on that expensive gadget! Put a pot on the stove, and be done with it! Of course, use your little oval egg cups when poaching. But don't buy expensive gadgets, when you have a perfectly servicable paaaaan at home."


    And I love eggs. But that thing is silly.