Thursday, June 12, 2008

Many happy returns to Readerville

One of my favorite online hangouts is 8 years old today! This labor of love of all things literary is largely responsible for my shelves looking like this:
Readerville consists of two parts: the Journal, which is a daily blog of literary reviews, essays, news and links, and The Forum, where like-minded literary types gather to discuss their favorite books and all aspects of publishing and reading.

Some very cool people hang out there, and when I go book-shopping, I can't help but hear their voices in my head: "Oh, I liked that one! This one has the coolest cover! I adore that author! I wrote this one! Try it! You'll like it!"

If you like books, check it out. You'll return again and again.
But don't blame me if you break your book budget. Or your shelves.


  1. i LOVE the shelves!!! i myself cannot wait to get bigger ones.

  2. Love the shelves! I've got 2 big unfinished pine shelves, but what I really want is built-in wall-to-wall shelving like yours. Actually, what I really want is a big dark-wood library room, complete with shelf-ladders and green-shaded brass lamps on desks. But I'll take what I can get!

  3. Don't mean to be so talkative, but what do you think of my theory about how/what people cook and how/what they read?

  4. Thanks! I had these built when I moved in. (If you click on the Bookshelves tag you can see before and after pics.)

    Vicki, I remember that post! It's not a bad theory. My corollary may be that I go on binges, reading a lot, and then not, cooking a lot, and then not.