Saturday, June 07, 2008

White flag, and peach

I have a few clumps of iris around the house, and 99 percent of them are white. They're very attractive! I would like to have some purple ones, too, though. More common, maybe, but I like purple. Some neighbors have the kind that look mostly brown. Not as nice.

Iris (irises?) are always a good bet for the so-so gardener, as they're impossible to kill. The flowers are pretty, of course, and the spiky foliage stays green all summer and is a nice visual contrast to more delicate plants.

The other 1 percent of my irises: One lone peach-colored one in the front yard. I haven't seen this color before, so it was a nice surprise when it bloomed.

If you see someone who has a big clump of iris in a color you like, you can probably talk them out of a few rhizomes. Irises usually need dividing every few years.


  1. I love irises, too, but yours are much prettier than mine. This is only my second year, and though I gave them soil amendment and bone meal, they didn't all bloom. I also hope to get to the greenhouse in Boulder that specializes in iris bulbs... do you know about it? I want some of those giant bearded ones, that cost a small fortune.

  2. The saying "First year sleep, second year creep, third year leap" may apply here!

    I am not familiar with Boulder nurseries, though I've heard Harlequin Gardens is the best. One of these days I'll get up there and check it out.

  3. Kitt,

    I have many purple iris that need to be divided. Would you like to trade for some of those white ones?


  4. The purple iris smell like grape jelly. Have you taken a whiff of the white ones? They're might pretty.

  5. You've got a deal, Groovy! I think the ones by the garage could stand to be thinned. I'll check to see when the best time to do it is.

    Leah, I love the grapey smell of the purple ones. The white ones smell sweet, but not very much like grape.