Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Garden lunch

I'm loving the chard from my garden. Today I sautéed a bunch with garlic and shallots and then simmered it with some chicken broth and put it over bowtie pasta.
I cook the stems, too; just chop them up and throw them in the pan a few minutes before the leaves so they get a little more cooktime.

Maybe I should title this post "Give Peas a Chance." When you leave your garden alone for a few days, it lets the plants produce a lot of pods for an actual harvest. Whereas if you are in there every day, you eat the pods straight off the vine, a handful a day.

I'm submitting this post to Andrea's Grow Your Own roundup for this month. If you have a garden and enjoy its produce, consider submitting a photo of your own next month!


  1. Did you throw the chard stems in with the leaves? (It looks like you might have from the photo.) I was debating about whether to do that with my chard
    - didn't - then felt wasteful.

  2. Dazzled by the photo, eh? Yes, as noted, the stems are in there, too. I just start them in the pan a few minutes before the leaves. Next time don't toss em!

    I like the polenta idea. I'll have to try that next time.

  3. Sounds like a yummy lunch! I haven't had chard before, but its something that I will definitly have to try.

  4. Jessy, if you like spinach, you will like chard, too. I prefer it, because it has less oxalic acid in it (spinach has so much it can make your mouth feel itchy). And I like the crunchiness of the stems.

    You can prepare it the same way as any cooked spinach dish.

  5. That looks really good! We're planning to put in more growing space next year, so I'll have room for chard and other greens. Yay! Your garden lunch looks yummy. Thanks for sharing your tasty dish with Grow Your Own, and thanks for helping spread the word!

  6. Your pasta looks great, I love all things noodley. You can't go wrong with swiss chard and garlic. Great job on GYO.

  7. Thanks, Andrea! More gardening space is good, and chard looks nice in flower beds, too, if you get the "bright lights" variety. Very colorful!

    Hi Natashya! Thanks!