Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hurry up and wait

A few people have mentioned that my blog is really slow to load sometimes. I found a handy online utility called SiteTimer, which shows you how fast each element loads.

For some reason, the picture of my house in the sidebar was one of the slowest items to load, even though I trimmed the file size way down. So it's gone.

Then again, I had 10 days' worth of posts loading per page, and with the number of photos I use, that was too much. So now it's three days' worth. I will also start sizing my photos smaller. Not the size in the actual post, but the size you see when you click on a photo (I've been using 800 pixels wide as my standard).

Those changes cut the load time from 12 seconds to four, which I hope makes everyone happy! I miss my house pic, though, so maybe I'll work on a banner and put it there instead.

Happy browsing!

(Edit: On second thought, yeah, the page seems naked without the house pic. I'm leaving it there for now. Cutting down n the number of posts per page should be sufficient. But I'm still considering a new banner.)


  1. That house pic is too cool to go. Definitely into the banner if you can make it work!

  2. I hadn't noticed that it was slow. But I think I had better cut down on the number of posts I put per page, too, because I tend to use big photos in mine.

    I would hate to not see your house there in the sidebar.

  3. I always condense my photos before loading them, as it seems to really speed up the loading time.

    Don't lose the house! I love the house!

  4. I hadn't noticed it was slow. And I'm glad you left the photo of your house. I really love how colorful it's painted and I think someday I'd like to live in a red house.

  5. every little bit counts....or doesnt count as the case may be....