Thursday, July 24, 2008

925! Do I hear 925?

Well, the whole white balance option didn't work out. My camera won't let you do a super-long exposure and set the white balance. That's just something I'll have to make sure the next camera does when this one dies.

Meanwhile, I can do some color correction in iPhoto to cut the orange a little. Much like they've cut the price on that "mansion home."
I first noted it on Aug. 8 last year at $1.15 million.

On April 3 it was $999,800.

Now, only $925,000!

I'm guessing they got tired of printing up fancy brochures and having people take them just to see what the price is. "Oh hell, just drop the price and put it on the damn sign already."


  1. What a bargain lol. There is a huge old house for sale on my way to town. I keep waiting for them to fill the flyers back up (it's always empty). I know I can't afford it but it sure would be nice to have all that room. Plus it's old and needs a lot of work but could be really cute fixed up!

  2. we're still looking for a house but i'm still going to have to pass on this one. It's just a "little" outside of our budget. A very LARGE little.

  3. And who would do the fixing up, Julie?

    Risa, I'll bet you would like to have more yard than this place does, too.