Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mountain ramble

We had a lovely brunch today at a friend's place in the hills outside of Evergreen. Great food, conversation and weather.

We started to go for a walk as a group along the roads in their neighborhood, but it was very dusty and steep. Sophie lagged farther and farther behind, and I hadn't brought water for her, so we went back.

Instead, we put her in the car and went to the nearby Maxwell Falls trail. It was shadier, and had a little pond along the way.
We spotted a few wildflowers. The only one I can name is this columbine.
Sophie was really showing her age today. She didn't want to interact with anyone except to beg for food, and when I put the kibosh on that, she decided she was just going to nap and ignore us all. But she enjoyed our little ramble.


  1. Sophie looks like an elegant older woman with her delicate grey muzzle. It's always sad for me to think of how fast dogs age, and I know with my own dog who is almost 8 that she's gone from a puppy to an older dog in what seems like no time at all.

  2. That's the truth. I got Sophie when she was two months old, and suddenly she's 13. She's still feisty, though!

    Sophie aims for elegant, until there's something disgusting she wants to eat off the sidewalk.

    What kind of dog do you have?

  3. I saw a gal walking a standard black poodle in Tahoe! Of course I thought of you right way lol.