Monday, July 21, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 13

I spotted this one at Linens 'n' Things on Friday. It's a battery-operated grill brush. For $20. Plus the cost of the batteries: eight AAs, not included.

Excuse me, is it that difficult to move a grill brush back and forth? Barring major mobility issues, are you so friggin' lazy that you think this is a good gadget to have in your barbecue arsenal?

Not to mention willing to put more batteries in the landfills.


  1. Is that a brush for the things you are grilling, or for the grill itself?

    I find gadgets like that fascinating.

  2. They must not know about my brother's technique - bang the heated grill _hard_ with a metal spatula and the accumulated stuff falls off!

  3. I actually know someone that has one of these. :shaking head:

  4. You know, I like the rolling-brush part of it, my brush always develops a flat spot. But the batteries need to go.

  5. ayse, it's for cleaning the grill. The picture is misleading.

    Zoomie, heating the grill loosens everything quite nicely. Haven't tried banging on it, though!

    Julie, do they use it?

    Vicki, I agree, the shape is good ... I suppose you could achieve the same thing by attaching a copper brush to a drill.