Saturday, July 19, 2008


Because Cutie's milk (a gallon a day!) starts getting a strong flavor after just a day or two, it's not being included in the farm shares. It was going to the calves, but they were sold yesterday. I thought I'd see if I could make some cheese with it. It takes a lot of milk to make cheese!

Lacking rennet, I opted for the easiest cheese recipe: ricotta. You can make it by adding lemon juice or vinegar to the milk, or buttermilk. I picked up some of the latter.

On the way back I passed a farmers market sign. Wasn't planning to buy anything, just checking it out. Well, you know how that works.
This wasn't as cheap as last year's $5 haul, or Manisha's $10 bonanza, but at $15, it was still more produce that you can get anywhere else for that price! Green beans, potatoes, carrots, beets, red peppers, corn, squash, cabbage, cantaloupe, cucumber, basil and rutabaga.

Guess I'm cooking more than just cheese today!


  1. That's a *lot* of produce! It's a steal at $15!

    So that's rutabaga and not purple kohlrabi?

  2. Oh, and that "link to this post" is a copy of this post! I hate it when they steal posts like that!

  3. You know, it IS kohlrabli, but I couldn't think of the name! Thanks!

    And yes, damn scrapers. I've sent a complaint to Blogger. (You have to fax or mail copyright infringement notices. In this day and age.)