Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dinner at Planet Crepes, Alameda, Calif.

Looking through my photos, I realized I had not posted about my last dinner in Alameda a couple of weeks ago, at Planet Crepes. They've been open for a few months, next door to Dragon Rouge.

The slick signage and decor made me think it might be a chain, but I was told no, it is not (but they have aspirations). The place is bright and clean, and the menu is extensive. (If you click on the picture below you can see it large. Sorry for the crappy quality.)

My only quibble was with the blasting large-screen TV on the back wall, with speakers throughout the place. TVs in restaurants are like black holes, sucking in the attention of anyone within eyeshot, and the sound level was such that it was an effort to converse.
The crepes, though, were quite tasty! I ordered the turkey pesto crepe, and it was stuffed full with turkey, jack cheese, avocado and pesto. Which left me stuffed.
But not too stuffed to share a dessert: The Milky Way crepe, filled with vanilla ice cream, bananas, Nutella, whipped cream, nuts and caramel.
My companions opted for the simpler Cosmic Caramel Apple crepe, with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon apple slices, caramel and whipped cream. Also delicious.

The prices are very reasonable, with all crepe dishes under $6 unless you choose a bunch of your own fillings from the extensive list.

If you're in Alameda and want a quick tasty meal, or just a nice dessert, check it out. If you want atmosphere, get your food to go and wander over to nearby Jackson Park to enjoy your meal al fresco.

Planet Crepes
2302 Encinal Ave (just west of Park Street)
Alameda, CA 94501

P.S. The website also notes that crepes are two-for-one if you bring in an Alameda Theater ticket stub, plus there's a happy hour and some group deals.


  1. One of these days I'm going to have to make a day trip to Alameda to see the victorians and eat some of this yummy food you post!

  2. wow, talk about flash back! In the seventies, at least in the Northeast, there was a chain of crepe places (generally situated in malls) called The Magic Pan. They were dark and musty with lightless hanging ferns (maybe they were plastic or maybe they just died early) as the time period dictated but they sure did have quite an assortment of crepes.

  3. Everytime I turn around lately, someone around me is talking about crepes. I am starting to get creped out. Those look delicious.

  4. too delicious for someone trying to lose the winter poundage

  5. Julie, do! It's a fun place.

    Alecto, we had that in Milwaukee, too. I think I went there once with my French class. We felt very sophisticated.

    mbp, they do crepe up on you.

    tk, you know you want one.

    av, it's very hard to resist.