Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hot dog

I guess these are the dog days of summer. It's been hot hot hot and the poor old black dog suffers. I hose her down before we walk during the day (we don't go far), and she doesn't even try hard to get away, though she hates the hose.

Today it was 97 degrees, and now, at 10:30 p.m., it's still 82. I try to walk her a mile every night, and we're grateful for the sprinklers along the way. She gets a drink, and then I lift her into the spray. She doesn't like that, either, but she feels better after.

Thank goodness for the swamp cooler. The house is comfortable, at least.


  1. She looks like a nice calm girl. Why do I have crazy boys?

  2. You have GOT TO STOP the poodle posts. My poodle-adoption-urge is at Code Red.

  3. mbp, she had lots of crazy when she was younger, trust me! But I do credit the extensive obedience training we went through as well, plus lots and lots of exercise daily.

    dg, my cousin called me yesterday looking for a home for his customers' poodle; they're moving to a smaller place and have decided they can't keep the dog. Interested?

  4. This heat is awful! I've been taking my dog to city park and letting her get in the fountains. She love love loves it! It might be frowned upon, but sometimes you gotta give a dog a break, ya know? Frankly, I've been tempted to join her!