Sunday, July 27, 2008

PR: You're doin' it wrong

I got two bits of PR in my inbox in the last few days. One had the subject line: "Denver Open Call for a new Food Network show"

I felt a little frisson of delighted disbelief. Food show? Moi? Could my kitchen dabblings have caught someone's attention?

Then I read on:
Essentially, we are looking for the worst cooks in America; people who have a great desire to learn but just can't seem to get it right. ... (W)e want to meet them and transform them into culinary superstars! This is an exciting opportunity for the worst kitchen offenders to train to cook like a professional!
Cue the loser sound effect: "Wahn-wahn-

I felt like I'd just won a goat on "Let's Make a Deal."

And we all know I like goats, but I'd rather have the new car.

Maybe I'm not as good a cook as I thought.

Then today I got another bit of PR spam, titled: "Hey Kitt. Go green for the planet and for your pallet!"

They want me to shill their raw-food product in return for a cut of the proceeds.

I suggest they learn the difference between "pallet" and "palate" first.


  1. "worst cooks in America" - that cracks me up!

  2. Well if I believed everything I got in my email I'd be a man with problems in the bedroom, have a lot of college grant money coming to me and be working at home for someone in Nigeria. Try not to take it personally!

  3. I could qualify as the worst cook but the truth is I have no desire to learn to be better. Hubby does a great job in the kitchen. I don't even watch him. I just come when the dinner bell rings. Sometimes I set the table.

  4. I've never watched the Food Network (no TV), but it seems like this is a little desperate.

    Julie, if it were random spam, I wouldn't, but these were both directed to me personally as a food blogger. Though obviously not VERY personally.

    Peggy, you're lucky! I started learning how to cook when it became clear that I wasn't going to eat well unless I made it myself.

  5. I got the "worst cooks in America" spam, too. I thought maybe they had stumbled upon my Thai red chili paste fiasco... Regardless, I was not thrilled to get the e-mail.

    Maybe they did a Google blog search for food and Denver (or even Colorado)?

  6. Beatrice, I suspect that's what they did. Ah well. We can't all be special.