Monday, July 14, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 12

You've probably seen the Hello Kitty toaster ($25), which leaves an imprint of Kitty on your bread, but how about this? It's The New York Times toaster! For a mere $85, you can have the logo of the Gray Lady of Gotham imprinted on your breakfast. All the news that's fit to print, and all the bread that fits (two slices).

OK, the logo plates are removable and a toaster's not a silly gadget, but you'd sure have to love your morning rag to shell out for this one. Silliness works for Hello Kitty, not so much for The New York Times.

Here's a business idea: you could sell toasters with customized plates, just like Cafe Press t-shirts!

What would you like to see printed on your toast?


  1. a tomato plant. OK, I'm obviously still sulking about the tomatoes. I really do like the Hello Kitty toaster though. Both of my girls like Hello Kitty from two different angles. Little Girl is just the right age and Cletus has discovered the darker side of Hello Kitty gone Emo/Goth at Hot Topics.

  2. lol!!! is it weird that i'm intrigued? i'd much prefer chococat on my morning toast.

  3. Yeah, the hello kitty is silly, but really cute.

    I think I would love to have an impression of some money signs. I really could use some extra $$$ with all the money I spend on gas!

    Hah! Tanya's suggestion is hilarious! But I wouldn't want to flip myself off in the morning! ;)

  4. At the risk of offending some, there's also the Blessed Virgin Mother toast press

    Yes, it does work.

  5. They have a Battlestar Galactica toaster out there as well.

    My friend's husband had special plates made for a toaster for his brother, not sure of the costs involved.
    Being a Lost geek, I'll take any Lost related toaster. Desmond toast...yummy!

  6. Excellent suggestions all!

    Alecto, I do think the Hello Kitty toaster is cute. I haven't seen the goth version; must google.

    Pink, also googling Chococat. Clearly I'm not up on all the Sanrio characters.

    TK, funny!

    Diane, that's rich. Har har.

    Beatrice, wow! That's a hoot. Blessed toast.

    Deneph, I suspect there's a way to do it cheaply. It's basically a stencil, I think. (Sadly, I have to Google Desmond, too. I've never seen "Lost.")

    mbp, I heartily endorse your suggestion!

    dg, that's gorgeous!

    Euphreana, you said that last time! The Pixar lamp is a great idea.

  7. mine would have to say: hurry up you're late!

  8. A piece of toast, printed on a piece of toast... it would never end...

  9. Heh heh, between you and me, I would love to google Desmond.
    Jim has Janeane Garofalo, I can have Des.

  10. Good ones, av and tk!

    Deneph, Janeane? Really??

  11. I want the Flying Spaghetti Monster on my toast.

    Love that fancy toast, too. And, I wouldn't be averse to the New York Times logo--I think that's cool.

    I might also want the Apple computer logo on my toast.

  12. Yeah, Jim loves Janeane. I don't mind her so much. There are a couple of other women he finds attractive that make me question my own looks.