Sunday, July 06, 2008

Market day

The t-shirt reads: "Lock up your daughters."
But perhaps "Lock up your chocolate" would be more appropriate.

Got a nice haul at the market today:
Broccoli rabe, radishes, asparagus, apricots and asiago basil bread.

I had some bananas going bad, so I did a quick blog-google and found a quick and easy recipe from Little ByRD. I added a shaved square of semi-sweet baker's chocolate.
Turned out great! I've had three pieces. Would've been four, but a cow-orker came by seeking snacks.


  1. What a cutie that little guy is! My sil keeps buying cute shirts like that for my nephew. I've made banana bread 2x recently. Unfortunetly I like it a little too much!

  2. Yum, banana bread. Thanks for pointing me to Little ByRd.

  3. Great! Yours looks so yummy! Love the idea of adding the chocolate.

  4. That's the cutest kid! He should be in commercials!
    Glad to know that your enjoying your markets while they last!

  5. I love what you've got from the market,especially the asparagus. The bread looks yummy!

  6. Can't ever have too much, Julie!

    mbp, try the recipe. Super easy and yummy.

    Thanks, littlbyrd! The little hint of chocolate was just a bonus.

    While they last, Diane, yep! (Don't rub it in ;-) )

    The asparagus was tender and delicious, blue. And the bread!