Friday, July 18, 2008

"Your dog is very pretty!"

Said by some guy driving by with a Mr. Microphone, of all things. I'm just glad he didn't say he'd be back to pick us up later.


  1. Good god, is Denver a city LOST IN TIME?

    Frankly, I'd kill for a Mr. Microphone.

  2. Haha! Great photos!

    What exactly does a "poodle wrangler" do?? =]

  3. dg, it was trippy. I can't imagine what you would do with a Mr. Microphone. But I'd sure like to be there for it.

    Thanks, Katie! This poodle wrangler is trained to cater to this particular canine's every (reasonable) need. I have a day job, too, but just to pay for the kibble.

    Breezy, thanks. I think so too. But it'd weird to hear it from a loudspeaker on a passing car.

  4. Where on earth did he dig up a Mr. Microphone?