Friday, July 25, 2008

What is it? No. 18

When I shoot cars, I try to make sure my image isn't reflected in the chrome. I didn't do so well on that here. But that's OK; this is just for fun.

Can you guess what it is? Click on the photo to find out!


  1. I should do that too! I have like an entire pound of vanilla beans - maybe 2 pounds of it - haven't even touched it since testing for the contest.

  2. I'm guessing it's vanilla honey? And I probably wouldn't have noticed the camera if you hadn't said something.

  3. Okay, I clicked. How cool is that. I've been meaning to get some vanilla in bulk since it's breaking the bank to keep buying it for the ridiculous prices the grocery store sells it for. And the idea of gifts? So cool!

  4. Jaden! You could put vanilla in everything. With so many beans, you could jump-start your extract with some unused beans. Just split them and toss them in.

    You got it, Kelly! Minus the honey ... You can get a pretty good deal on bulk vanilla beans from