Friday, July 18, 2008

Dairy goats delight (plus a cow)

Yes, I was up early this morning, dropping Sophie off at the groomer, giving blood and picking up my milk share.
Goofy is a young male LaMancha and Cutie is an adult female French Alpine. Look how different their ears are! Like all the other goats, they are curious and friendly. (I have a lot of blurry close-ups of noses.)

We all know goats have cloven hooves, but it's interesting to see what that really looks like.
I think Annabelle the Jersey cow is very pretty. Her real name is Daisy Mae. I got it wrong the first time, but now I'm stuck on Annabelle.
The phrase "Jersey cow" always starts me singing Tom Lehrer. Can you name that tune?

The goats like being skritched. Goofy in particular gets totally blissed out.
Are you tired of goat pictures yet?


  1. you are so lucky to have access to this farm....did you make some goat cheese yet its easy to do with vinegar, or lemon juice or rennet....

  2. I haven't made cheese yet, but I was thinking I might try it tomorrow. I can have as much of Cutie's milk as I want for that.

  3. The Hunting Song! Two game wardens, seven hunters, and a cow. Love Lehrer!

  4. My husband's favorite courting song was Tom Lehrer's Wienerschnitzel Waltz. I still get to hear it every anniversary .... la-da-da.


  5. Goats are adorable! Please keep the goat pix coming.

  6. I love Tom Lehrer. He's got a song for every occasion.

    OK, Beatrice! I will!