Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Serious auto flashback

Forget last week's drag races. These photos are from way, way, way back. (Told ya I got a little distracted in that hunt for the cabbage truck photo.)
Yes, maybe I could have been a car-show babe. Except never in my life have I felt comfortable in a bikini. This jumpsuit, though, totally rocked, as did my best friend's dad's Ford Falcon.

My grandmother had taken me shopping at Gimbels. I was sure she was planning to get me a Fair Isle sweater or something staid and preppy like that, but she saw the jumpsuit on a mannequin and said, "You should try that on!" I was shocked and impressed. And very happy.

I loved that jumpsuit so much I saved it. And wore it again three years ago to a vinyl party (as in 78 rpms) at Jen's place, along with a glitter wig I bought in Atlanta's Little Five Points somewhere around 1985.

No, I haven't saved everything I ever owned, but a few such choice items that are handy for dress-up. I'm just happy I can still fit in them.

Then there's this pic from 1988, shortly before I went to China:
That's my beloved hand-me-down Honda Accord hatchback, with a "semi-automatic" transmission. You shifted from first to second (but without a clutch) and then it would do the rest. Great pickup, which I made the most of. I totaled it in '92.

My crewcut was growing out, but not enough to prevent a lot of Chinese folks from speculating that I was really a boy, despite curves to the contrary.


  1. I think my friend had your accord when we were in High School! She totalled hers when she hit a flock of ducks she "swerved" to miss.

  2. I can tell you're a car girl - My Beloved would approve! And I totally think you could make it as a car model - maybe wearing a slinky evening gown? :-)

  3. Oh my gosh Gimbel's!
    You are really dating yourself there (just kidding)

    You do rock the Falcon, though!

  4. I don't mind dating myself. My first car was a used (they weren't pre-owned back then) '64 Valiant with a push button transmission. I loved Prince Valiant until that transmission fell out right before I went to college in '73. Ah, the good old days.

  5. Mercy, I had a VW Bug with an auto-clutch... what a nightmare! That's a novelty that you don't want, trust me. Don't you love looking through old photos? I always realize I was much cuter than I ever thought I was, and it's kind of comforting. LOL.

  6. these photos are GREAT! The vinyl party was actually at Jena's (Jae's sister); I loved the lighting and set-up for that one. I have a fantastic photo of Jenny T. from that night that I'll try to find...

  7. NICE 80s HAIR!!!!! Love it! The jumpsuit rocks, as well. Love that white belt.

  8. I hope she did miss the ducks, Julie!

    Zoomie, an evening gown would work! But it's a little late to start ...

    fjk, I do miss Gimbels. My dad used to take me to the Secret Santa Shop there every Christmas. Nobody says, "Does Macy's tell Gimbels?" anymore.

    Prince Valiant! Alas, Plymouth has gone the way of Gimbels.

    Dani, I wonder if any of those are still running?

    Jen, whoops! But it was sort of your party, too! I had a great time. Especially breaking out the old crate of Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper. I'd love to see the pic of Jenny. The Falcon was her dad's.

    Amy, as '80s hair went, it wasn't bad. Those were sure the fashion days.

  9. Yes, I miss that old Falcon. It was my "learn-to-drive" car, 3 on the tree. Ah, memories.

    And I believe that photo was from a series that also included ... an ocarina.

  10. Oh yes, I've got that one around somewhere, too. I think?